About stones, flowers and pictures. Review of the blogs

In our Sunday review of your blogs, esteemed guests of the website "Poremonta", we wish to have a talk about beauty. To decorate houses it is possible and it is necessary, and our invariable founders who generously share the design experience will promote in it. We will be in turn glad, if this sample of blogging notes appears to you useful.

Interior finds

Here, apparently, how many it is possible to say about styles in interior design? It seems we already contemplated everything and all discussed: both classicism, and a miniatyurizm, both an expressionism, and various others «-isms»… And is not present! It appears, our blogger has in a zagashnik a lot of a fascinating! For example, the "nominal" styles named by name of their founders.

Robert Adam’s style belongs to the such in interior design» or as still say, Adam’s style, for example, «. For it the empty seat, openness and "lightness" in a compartment with a rich decor are peculiar. And here «Style Horta» more magnificent, it differs a set of shod iron details, also wide introduction of a tree and a stone. By the way, specifically this style consider as "father" of a modernist style.

Style сецессион» which in what or is similar on югендстиль is very fine «, but ease differs bigger. It will suit those people who appreciate rest and a pacification, but at all this are not indifferent to the beautiful.

And here «A functionalism in interior design» very much всераспространен in our days. It could be mixed with a miniatyurizm, if not printsipno other approach to planning and the place organization.

If there is a desire to receive something truly unusual and effective, try «To touch beauty of art design». The art plot represented on walls or a ceiling by a brush of the artist, does not go to any comparison to wall-paper or a tile!

Finely and simply

But we will pass to questions more essential – how to keep already made beauty. Here 1 of our bloggers had a problem: the decorative corner fell off wall panels. How to attach it back? There is a lot of options, but all of them did not suit the founder. But the usual and magnificent way out was found! Curiously, what? Then read a useful note «The corner – it doesn’t matter fell off».

Stone walls

Very perfectly the decorative stone looks in an interior. It can be used as one of parts of the certain style chosen by you, or to create on its base own, unique design. Article will quite carefully tell about pluses of this material «Furnish – an artificial and natural stone». By the way, her founder considers that big distinctions of boundaries natural and made hands of the person a stone are not present.

For external furnish by the good decision there is a sandstone. One of bloggers decided to tell «Some words about sandstone». We recommend to read its publication, after all in it you find good advice on laying of this delightful stone.

Stone flower

Yes, "stone" happen not only only walls and florets. However, it is not necessary to a descent to remember Daniel master, after all there is a speech about молодиле or, in a different way, to a stone rose. This plant can be met anywhere, and it is logical, after all it is very undemanding. At all this it besides is fine, and therefore will serve as a good decor on your personal plot.

There are also others not choosy, but very effective plants. For example, one-year dahlias. How truly to raise them, you learn from a detailed note "Cheerful" cheerful children».

In conclusion of our review we wish to offer you the next marvelous option of a decor for your garden – «A floating bed». It appears, to make it not so difficult, and an ornament it becomes delightful.