5 steps to the sea directly from your room

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How it is possible to take away to for itself to the city apartment a piece of sea beauty??! We suggest to think over it during one more repair or the period of updating of an interior.

Rolling on sea beaches and traveling on coasts find, collect, and buy any cockleshells which have pleasant to you, stones, claws of crabs etc. Only choose dry and spotless (without the organic chemistry remains).

Having arrived home, choose a room or a corner in own apartment where you would wish to lodge own piece of the sea.

Step 1. Dream … It is possible to issue in sea style of a panel, a chandelier, a wall slice, a ceiling, to make a picture, to decorate a mirror … Everything that only wish.

5 steps to the sea directly from your room

Step 2. Prepare a surface of a subject which wish to convert (clear a wall of wall-paper, аккуратненько it заштукатурьте, remove nazhdachky camber) or make preparation, for example, of plywood by means of an electrofret saw (it can be a framework for a chandelier, base for a picture etc.).

Step 3. Prepare the material brought from the sea – wipe a damp rag and if they have no equal surface at least on the one hand, make it, having filled cambers or cavities with beforehand prepared consistence of PVA glue with sawdust of the swept-away mix).

Step 4. Create!!! Having armed with a tube of watery tacks and tweezers (to detain the smallest details), paste your sea treasures to chosen and prepared, dry and nezapyatanny, surfaces. It is most ideal to begin with selection of big stones or cockleshells, and later evenly to fill intervals between them the smallest and the smallest.

5 steps to the sea directly from your room

Perfectly pieces are suitable for filling of tiniest "windows" in your drawing small ракушняка ("obmylka" of cockleshells) – they small, multi-colored and allow to make an integral picture.

Step 5. Every other day after the completion of work when glue will dry, it is necessary to varnish a picture (perfectly approaches yakhtny). After complete drying of a varnish attach your sea masterpiece where it is necessary for you and if it already on a place – start to enjoy!

To look after such creation it is not so difficult – to dust a brush or to vacuum, having included weak capacity.

5 steps to the sea directly from your room

Also this equipment can be used for creation of very convenient things. For example, to paste over with big flat stones a wall surface round the switch or the socket. And it is fine, and wall-paper will not be soiled.