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Wall hours exclusives

The range of unique things for the house replenished with hours stickers which take place on walls, have fascinating design indeed show accurate time. Present a dense flexible film or an ordinary transparent adhesive plaster, only the huge size. AddRead More

Costume jewellery for kitchen.

The kitchen is, at all, for certain, the people, a female place: the center which is stored by the hostess of the house... And time so, and tendencies in an ornament of own center - very personal... I wish to tell you how the kitchen I specifically decoratedRead More

Curtains and carpets of

Curtains and carpets are one of certain parts of an interior of the apartment. Therefore, even in an empty room where curtains are hung up and the floor is laid, a certain comfort and the warmth, which so necessary for each apartment is created. CurtainsRead More


Photojalousie appeared not so long ago and while in a novelty to the ordinary petty bourgeois. Nevertheless, for it is comparable a small gleam of time of that sort curtains of steel are very popular in the middle of consumers. ByRead More

Myagenkiye of a wonder

To make the house comfortable and peaceful it is possible, having added to an interior nearly pair of strokes. And it is most ideal, if these shtrishka are myagenky and warm. For example, such, as an unusual rug from the designer Sara Reinholtz whichRead More

Very grandiose decor. Part 2.

Here I should directly share. Though typical decisions, but, deserve discussion and attention as it seems to me. On as I hope in comments to this article. No, it is not my apartment therefore criticism I will listen even it is very weakened and itRead More

You give freedom to animals!

I think that my readers, having read the name of this record of the blog, decided that her founder was mistaken the website a little. After all «On Repair» it is not connected in any way with animals. And, most likely, it will be better to founder toRead More